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Our mission is to get healthy and whole: mind, body and soul. We would love for you to give us a try! You can cancel your membership at any time.

What to expect:

- Monthly workout calendar

- A variety of workouts for all fitness levels.

- A great full body workout.

- Truth and encouragement.

We hope you will give us a try!


1. Whole Fitness TV - receive access to all our workout videos. All our workouts are created and designed by certified group fitness instructors and are designed for all fitness levels. You can take Whole Fit workouts with you wherever you go. Also, it includes an app! How cool is that?!

2. Challenge Group. Need more accountability? Let us help you by joining our 8-week challenge group. In this group you will receive:

- A monthly fitness plan (includes a beginner and intermediate/advanced workout calendar) developed by certified personal trainer Jennifer Mair.

- We will guide you on how to eat healthy and whole foods.

- Daily support and direct access to a certified personal trainer through a private Facebook group (+ support from others in the program, too!)

- Weekly Facebook LIVES including workouts, cooking, wellness tips, Truth, and more!

- Monthly health and wellness challenge to create healthy habits

- Mindful meditations

- Wellness tips and motivation

- Accountability

What you will NOT receive:

- Calorie counting or macro tracking, diet plans, eliminating food groups - we want you to enjoy eating!

- An impossible workout schedule - all workouts are designed for all fitness levels. “YOU DO YOU!”

- A quick fix, fad, short-term, unsustainable way of eating or exercising. When it comes to getting healthy and whole, it’s more than food and fitness.

Click  below to get Whole Fitness TV alone or be a part of the UNSTUCK Challenge Group! Be sure to read through both options and select which one you will be a part of!

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